Movin’ and Groovin’ Coasters

Coasters, Hand-Lettering and Packaging
2016 AIGA50
2015 Graphic Design USA

There’s perhaps nothing more fun, more humbling or more enlightening than viewing oneself through the client lens, and GRAPHEK does it every year when we create a self-promotional piece to send to our clients around the holidays. And while we’re always willing to jump outside the box for our clients and put our talents to the test, it feels even more freeing to do it when we’re our own guinea pig.

We hate waste, so our number-one goal in creating a promotional piece is to think of something that our clients will enjoy and use rather than throw away. A few years ago, we had the extra incentive of incorporating a moving announcement with the promotional; we were proud of our move to Tysons Corner, Virginia, and wanted everyone to know where to find us! We decided to go with whimsical drink coasters that would appeal (we hoped!) to anyone who loves music, enjoys cold or hot drinks, and grew up with a mom who instilled in them the importance of never leaving “drink circles” on the table. We custom-designed each font and packaged the coasters in a funky box and storage pouch, the perfect way to wrap up the year and creatively remind our clients how much we appreciate them.

For us, promo pieces are an ideal way to celebrate who we are as a team and, let’s face it, a family. We brainstorm, we sketch, and we sketch some more. We go through more rounds of drafts than we care to talk about, but it’s all worth it. Because once we hit on an idea and a final design, we know we have a winner that reflects our personalities and GRAPHEK’s belief in clean lines, consistency and color in one unique package.