National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) Endangered Species Act Report

Visual Branding | Infographics | Data Visualization | Iconography
2019 Gold EXCEL Award | Infographic 2019 Gold EXCEL Award, Special Report

Project Overview

NPCA and Defenders of Wildlife needed a compelling marketing piece that educated Capitol Hill policymakers on the nuances and importance of preserving the Endangered Species Act.

GRAPHEK produced a captivating report that highlighted the relationship between the National Parks and the endangered species that call them home, reinforcing their symbiotic needs.


Beginning with a fold-out infographic map of the U.S., the report features a split design approach to show how National Parks and endangered species operate in harmony to achieve outcomes relevant to Hill employees—from healthier parks and communities to stronger local economies. Case studies spotlight different endangered species and their positive impacts.


Small maps with ArcGIS data highlight endangered species and their home parks, communicating the mutually beneficial relationship between the two, while a consistent color palette cements the maps as a distinguishing design feature and enables animal photography to jump off the page.


As the lead scientist for an NGO, we selected GRAPHEK to design an Endangered Species Act report—and the result was spectacular. We had complex mapping parameters to work around, including multiple partners in our design feedback process, and leaned on GRAPHEK to help us generate storytelling ideas. I’m not sure our report would have been as effective without the high-impact design provided. I am thoroughly impressed by what Walter and Ellen Kim have established as a quality company producing quality products—GRAPHEK. I look forward to working with them in the future.”