“I Am Anatomy” Video

American Association for Anatomy | AAA
Video, Custom Illustrations, Web Banners, Social Media Collaterals and Flyers
2018 Silver Excel
2017 Graphic Design USA

The American Association for Anatomy (abbreviated as AAA, and previously known as The American Association of Anatomists) has a strong membership that’s scattered throughout the scientific community. From doctors to anthropologists, inventors to physical therapists, an incredible range of disciplines are all linked by a deep understanding of anatomy. AAA wanted to enhance awareness of their members’ common expertise while also promoting their professional diversity, and they decided to do it through a video submission contest. The terms were simple: All AAA members were invited to film a short video describing what anatomy meant to them, with the prospect of winning cash prizes and a spotlight at the association’s Experimental Biology 2018 Conference.

With an established brand already in place, GRAPHEK was given free rein to create a fun, playful style that would remain true to AAA’s brand but be completely unique to this new contest. The flagship of the project was a short animation acting as an invitational video for the contest, and the GRAPHEK team got to work planning content, storyboarding individual scenes, and custom-illustrating and animating it in-house, sharing our intentions with our client—and welcoming feedback—every step of the way. The result is a fun and engaging invitation, encouraging members of all disciplines to let their personalities and passion shine in their entries.

GRAPHEK next borrowed the video’s fresh style and custom illustrations to create a wide variety of additional, branded collateral pieces so that AAA could easily cross-promote the competition through website banners, social media icons, shareable images and event schedules.