Council of Korean Americans Branding

Council of Korean Americans | CKA
Logo, Stationery and Business Cards
2016 Graphic Design USA

The Council of Korean Americans (CKA) is a non-profit organization of successful Korean American leaders, who share the dream of advancing opportunity for their community across America and giving back to the next generation of leaders. Always seeking to build a better world, and recognizing that their community must evolve and change as quickly as the world around us, CKA reached out to GRAPHEK for help in designing a new logo and resetting their organization’s brand to better reflect their membership.

A nation’s flag is a powerful design element and arguably the single most visual representation of a nationality. Our team knew that tying the Korean flag with the flag of their adopted homeland, the U.S., had to play a critical role in our design. Through numerous sketches and ideas, we drew ever closer to the intertwining of the two identities, leading to the distinct presence of a standalone organization.

The process of designing a logo is, in our view, the visual representation of the enormous trust that a client must place in its design team. A logo is often one of the first steps an organization takes to discover and define their brand, and that trust is not something we take lightly; we know that the tone we set during this early stage of branding will reach every department, every partner and even extended affiliates.

“After I had shared our goals, our audience, our story, even our hopes and fears for our community with the GRAPHEK team, what I appreciated most was how the design team listened and dove right in to work every possible creative angle. They presented us with a generous suite of design options, of which was so strong I could feel in my gut our winner was somewhere in there. The GRAPHEK team are highly talented, very detail-oriented visual thinkers. They are a terrific partner who will work with you on your project until they get it right.”

_Sam Yoon

Former Executive Director – Council of Korean Americans