FIA Virtual Conferences

Futures Industry Association | FIA
Branding, Conference Logos, Web Banners and Social Media Shareables

FIA is the leading global trade organization for the futures, options, and centrally cleared derivatives markets and has offices across the globe. Each year, FIA holds a series of domestic and international flagship conferences that serve as central gathering points for current and potential members to connect and network with industry leaders and to learn more about current industry trends. GRAPHEK worked with FIA to develop new design and messaging strategies for each of its five conferences that capture the essence of FIA’s brand. The primary goals were to ensure the conference branding stands out in a crowded event marketplace and to develop brands that would be easy to refresh for the next three years without feeling stale.

First, GRAPHEK developed a family of logos to represent the unique aspects of each meeting while still maintaining a clear connection to one another through common design elements. Whether referencing the idea of being at the apex of industry insight or highlighting compliance as a focal point, every logo establishes an identity of its own that sets the tone for the overall conference brand.

GRAPHEK then developed branding for each event that reflected FIA’s emphasis on transparency. The overarching visual tone for each event utilized bright and vivid colors to emphasize the energy and fast-paced nature of the futures industry. Textures and bold geometric shapes referenced not only the thematic content of each event but also the unique places around the globe where these events took place. 

When the pandemic shifted all of the upcoming conferences into the virtual realm, the branding translated well to a digital-first marketplace thanks to its strong conceptual grounding in the key features of each event and the diversity of design elements available to extend the brand.