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2017 Graphic Design USA
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The Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of actuarial science with a focus on “risk exposures,” or calculations of the risks involved in specific instances. CAS publishes a bimonthly magazine, Actuarial Review, to share news and breakthroughs in the field with its membership. While CAS knows its members enjoy reading technical articles that delve deeply into the actuarial science field, the society also likes each cover page of Actuarial Review to introduce a clever visual concept relating to its cover story. That way, illustrations can portray and complement concepts that are often too difficult to convey by words alone.

For the award-winning cover of the March–April 2017 issue, we were tasked with portraying the insurance industry’s sometimes slow and wary approach toward adopting new risk-management technologies. After reading the cover story, we got to work brainstorming images and scenarios that ran parallel to the story’s core concept of careful trepidation… and what better image than the feeling one has the first time they climb the high dive?

The process of creating CAS covers follow a similar pattern, up to a point: We carefully read the issue’s cover story, ensuring that we understand the overriding message of the story; we work together to brainstorm multiple creative visual concepts; and we present a series of ideas to our client for their review and feedback. But here the similarities end, because we know that just as every story is unique and every concept distinct, so must be the illustration for that specific story.

With each cover, we dive deep into the the subject at hand. Our in-house ability to illustrate any concept beautifully—in any style—lets concept reign king.

“GRAPHEK’s design team digs deep to illustrate the essence of the stories gracing my magazine’s covers. They read, research and — most importantly — listen. They always give me many thoughtful options to choose from. GRAPHEK has designed stunning covers for me!”

_Elizabeth Smith

Publications Manager – Casualty Actuarial Society