Win-Win ESA Report

National Parks Conservation Association and Defenders of Wildlife
Digital and Printed Report
2019 Gold EXCEL Award, Infographic
2019 Gold EXCEL Award, Special Report

The goal of the ESA brochure was to help the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) and Defenders of Wildlife connect with policymakers and influencers on Capital Hill while convincing them of the importance of preserving the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The report focuses on the relationship between the National Parks and the endangered species that call them home through the idea of a win-win relationship. If the National Parks are succeeding, then so are the endangered species.

The design of the report uses a split design approach to show that the two are working in tandem to achieve positive outcomes that will matter to employees on the Hill: Healthier parks and communities; More money, staff and management upgrades; Science-based policy change; and stronger local economies. The report consists of several endangered species case studies that focus on the four main outcomes previously explained and are located across the country to appeal to all audiences. The report is introduced with a fold-out infographic map of the United States showing the huge amount of endangered species that call the US home. Accompanying statistics provide a big picture look into why helping both endangered species and the National Parks is important.

Throughout the report, small geographical maps with data from ARCGIS are utilized to highlight each species and the park they reside in. The infographics quickly and clearly communicate the ‘win-win’ of the relationship between an endangered species and the National Park. A consistent color palette is used throughout the report in order to let the photographs of the species shine while creating brand equity for the maps.

“As the lead scientist for an NGO, we selected GRAPHEK to design an Endangered Species Act report – and the result was spectacular.  We had complex mapping parameters to work around, included multiple partners in our design feedback process, and leaned on GRAPHEK to help us generate story-telling ideas.  I’m not sure our report would have been as effective without the high-impact design provided.  I am thoroughly impressed by what Walter and Ellen Kim have established as a quality company producing quality products: GRAPHEK.  I look forward to working with them in the future.”

_Ryan Valdez

Conservation Science & Policy Director – NGO