NYC Kids RISE Microsite and Briefs

Microsite and Briefs

The NYC Kids RISE Save for College Program knows that “it takes a neighborhood to build a child’s future,” so they prepared a series of briefs documenting the scholarship and savings platform they created. Build to help make college and career training more accessible for all NYC public school students, the briefs were completed and in need of a solid look and feel, as well as a means to be hosted and shared online.

GRAPHEK partnered with them to build a microsite to not only provide a platform for the set of briefs, but also to share a series of 48 different video interviews conducted with key members around the school district 30. From school superintendents to community leaders, from teachers to parents, these personal accounts helped to provide context to the written briefs and shape the Save for College Program as a whole. The microsite was largely built around these stories, with each individual interview leading not only to other interviews but also the briefs that most closely corresponded with them.

For the briefs themselves, GRAPHEK created a distinct look-and-feel for the set as a whole, taking into consideration the NYC Kids RISE parent-brand, the unique traits of this project in particular, and key concepts of accessibility and ease of access. The set of briefs all primarily used a deep purple and white color scheme to unify them with each other and the organization that wrote them, with a distinct accent color chosen in each individual brief to help keep them organized.