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Branding and Brand Guidelines

The Entomological Society of America (ESA) is the largest organization in the world serving the professional and scientific needs of entomologists and individuals in related disciplines. After struggling with an unwieldy and inconsistent brand for many years, ESA approached GRAPHEK to audit and refresh their look in hopes of creating a more engaging and cohesive brand for their more than 7,000 members. ESA sought to develop a brand that not only reflected the diversity of its members and the insects they studied but also created a global presence that would resonate with members and insect enthusiasts alike.

The project began with a brand audit that consisted of an analysis of all of ESA’s existing marketing collateral, a competitive analysis of peer organizations, and an online survey of current and prospective members. Interviews of key stakeholders were also conducted to help GRAPHEK gauge their perspectives on the current ESA brand and any recommendations for improvement. This research reaffirmed the need to establish a brand that better supports ESA’s vision for the future. The need to refresh the ESA logo into a version that more accurately reflected ESA’s current mission and tone also became apparent.


When reenvisioning the new brand for ESA, GRAPHEK first tackled the logo refresh project. While still wanting to build upon the brand equity of the butterfly mark, the new logo needed to reflect the new, modern, and approachable tone of ESA. Modifications were made to the form, font, and lockup, and a more professional color palette was established to ensure a more contemporary look and feel that would remain fresh for years to come. 

Following the completion of the logo refresh, GRAPHEK conducted a thorough exploration of ESA’s visual preferences to further ascertain their vision for a successful brand that would closely align with the discoveries made during the research phase. Adjectives such as approachable, reputable, diverse, accepting, inviting, friendly, and reliable emerged as desired tones for the brand. A celebration of the natural world inhabited by insects and a focus on insects themselves greatly influenced GRAPHEK’s design decisions during this process.

The brand that emerged featured a bright color palette and images, textures, and fonts which reflected the energetic and lively tone. Each color of the palette was strategically selected to maximize vibrancy and to improve visual consistency across both print and digital platforms. Using color combinations pulled from the palette, a set of gradients were created to reflect the iridescent tones often found in insects. Image and iconographic resources were carefully selected to ensure brand consistency regardless of the subject matter.

“The GRAPHEK team went out of their way to understand both ESA and our society members, and developed branding concepts that captured the beauty and uniqueness of insects, speaking to our membership and what sets ESA apart from other societies. GRAPHEK’s branding book provided us with concrete, helpful advice and a wonderful variety of sample marketing and communications ideas that helped our staff launch into the new brand look with confidence. We’re grateful for their support and inspiration.”

_Lisa Junker

Director of Publications, Communications and Marketing – Entomological Society of America