Jay Woods

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Endlessly creative and optimistic, Jay is a designer who aims to nurture ideas to the fullest potential.  They began illustrating at a young age and sought new ways to bring ideas to life, which led them down the path of graphic design.  Like a tragic romance, their relationship with design went through a series of ups and downs until able to find true love. Now, their bold blend of illustration and graphic design provides room for new ways of thinking and sharing visions.


Jay is a natural leader who believes in lifting voices and shining the spotlight on creative ideas. As a strong advocate for well-loved design, Jay puts care into each step of the process and strong faith in their peers; Each project, no matter how small, is the center of their world. Meticulously devoted, determined, and optimistic, Jay is endlessly learning and exploring new ways to visualize ideas.


When they’re not designing, Jay can often be found on national scenic trails, playing chess in the park, or at the local bubble tea shop.

_ chess nerd


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romance novels

_ chess nerd


_ backpacker


_ snack motivated


75 tabs open


_ bee advocate


_ romance novels