EPIC Branding and Website

Logo, Stationery, Animated Video, Infographics and Website
2017 Graphic Design USA

When EPIC arrived to partner with GRAPHEK, they were a small public relations company with a big problem: They were so busy with rapidly growing client work, their website couldn’t efficiently handle inquiries, precisely inform prospects of the company’s expertise, or help staff manage what seemed like daily requests for information about new projects and events. Much like a plant that has obviously outgrown its original pot, EPIC knew that their original site, logo and communications strategies were no longer offering and representing the structure, direction or even the brand that the company was craving. They needed to re-brand, redesign and re-think their strategies, top to bottom, and they turned to GRAPHEK for the help they knew they needed.

The first step was the most public: a new website. At GRAPHEK, we know that redesigning a website doesn’t just mean making cosmetic changes; we had to take a hard look at its navigability and examine the original website’s information architecture with a critical eye. How was it organized and arranged? Where did visitors flail or get bogged down? What worked well? We stripped the entire website down into individual pieces and reorganized them into a new, page-by-page system that made more sense for potential visitors, as well as for EPIC’s own team. We built each new page with an eye for combining content and design to convey EPIC’s purpose. And we did it with a passion for perfection that matched our client’s philosophy: The stronger your commitment, the more powerful our resolve.

It wasn’t enough to launch a new website; redesigned brand collaterals and a refreshed logo were equally important in sealing EPIC’s new identity and presence. Knowing that a solid PR firm excels at bringing audiences together through communication, the logo is meant to represent the union of two speech bubbles, with EPIC positioned at the center of the conversation. Working with our client, we landed on a color scheme of black, white and red: a bold and classic look that carried through everything from business cards to an animated infographic about one of EPIC’s core concepts, created and produced by the GRAPHEK team.