American Forests 2019 YIR

American Forests
Double Gatefold Brochure and Custom Website

American Forests has partnered with GRAPHEK for 5 years running on the design of their Year In Review. It’s published annually to inform American Forests’ supporters on the association’s greatest achievements through the past year and their top goals in the year to come. It’s a very important piece to the organization as they meet with prospective supporters, traditionally running as a printed brochure. However, in 2019 American Forests wanted to take a new approach to one of their flagship projects, and GRAPHEK was ready to rise to the challenge.

It was decided that the traditionally-printed Year In Review would make its web debut with a custom microsite that would not only usher in an updated look-and-feel for the Year In Review but also increase its readability across a much wider web-based audience.


The report included a light shift in tone: changing emphasis a bit away from the natural beauty of the forests and focusing more on the passionate grassroots efforts that the report details. The title “Our Roots Run Deep” was meant to help communicate the strong 144-year history of the association. It showcases how they’ve done an immense amount of good in the past and assures their supporters that it isn’t about to change anytime soon.

The website itself was custom-built to mimic the layout of the printed brochure using a structure that best translated the printed content on the web. Typography, color, and pacing were all used in unity to make sure the two formats remained related to each other, while simultaneously letting the interactive-nature of the web shine. A series of 8 Impact stories were arranged in a responsive masonry-style grid, resizing and shifting depending on the screen they were viewed on. A more complete list of donors and sponsors was able to be listed, organized neatly into four distinct categories. The keystone of the 2019 report was a detailed map of the U.S. that highlighted efforts American Forest was contributing towards across the country. On the web version, it was transformed into an interactive navigation tool for learning more about those efforts.