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Branding and Brand Guidelines

The American Association for Anatomy (AAA) unites a strong membership of scientists and researchers across countless fields and communities under one common goal: to continue the advancement of anatomical science. AAA, who previously operated under the name The American Association of Anatomists, wanted a small change in their name and a big change in their personal brand. They felt the change would better serve the community as a whole and represent all aspects of anatomy. The field needed to be shown as one that is constantly changing to encompass all of the various anatomy disciplines such as physical therapy, cell biology, neuroscience, physical anthropology, and others who are studying anatomical science, but may not consider themselves an anatomist. With all of this in mind, GRAPHEK began work on developing a logo mark and visual brand for them.

After drafting a full creative brief outlining our vision, GRAPHEK started work on the new logo. The final concept chosen showcases the holistic nature of AAA through the use of three separate parts coming together to form an abstract ‘A’ in negative space. The three parts symbolize the three pillars of AAA outlined in the mission statement: research, education, and professional development. The triangle in the center can be interpreted as a delta symbol that represents the constant change occurring in the field of anatomy.

Once finalized, the logo was a key element in developing visuals for the brand. Bright colors and angles reminiscent of the logo-form are used to highlight the future-forward focus that AAA is looking to embody. Custom patterns were used to reflect the study of anatomy in an abstract way and to highlight the multi-layered nature of the association. Bright duotone photographs reflect the familial-tone and community-aspect of the brand. And as a final touch: a triangle evoking the logo acts as a call-out element to highlight key words, phrases, or aspects of a photo.

The brand components we developed included a new color palette and custom-illustrated graphics, all tied together with a complete brand guideline that helped provide structure and suggestions as to how the branding tools should be used. The brand system allows all of the disciplines of the field of anatomy to feel included in the AAA community. It allows AAA to stand apart from their competitors with a bold, modern approach that reinforces their position as a reputable and known leader in the field of anatomy. The tone reflects feelings of community, inclusivity, passion, support, and commitment.

AAA loved the messaging, logo, and brand identity, and a full brand roll-out began on the association’s website, social media pages, research journals, member materials, and more. Some member comments AAA reported receiving were:

“I really like the new logo as well as the concept behind it as well as the re-solidification of the AAA’s priorities.”

“Love the new logo!”

“Hello integration and diversity! Love the idea of scientists from different majors with a common interest.”

“Love it #forAnatomy. I’ve been a member for less than a year but I can’t say enough about how welcoming & supportive this organization has been.”

“Love the modern look (especially the font!!!) @AnatomyOrg … Can’t wait to start using the new logo in future presentations/posters!”

“Taking on a minor yet monumental name change for an organization with 131 years of rich history, AAA wanted a partner with the best in the business to bring its vision to reality to maximize our rebranding impact. GRAPHEK in partnership with Gavilan & Associates was the best choice. Working with a team who gets it and brings unrivaled expertise to a project like this gave AAA an outcome that exceeded our expectations. It was a FLAWLESS launch that wouldn’t have been possible without their guidance and strategic input. GRAPHEK is an award-winning design firm so we knew the quality of their work and they certainly delivered. Not only is staff pleased but Board and Committee leadership have provided unsolicited positive feedback on the new brand. Again, we’re so very happy with the outcome of this rebranding project.”

_Shawn Boynes

Executive Director – American Association for Anatomy